Discovering more about "Millenials" generation, which radically differs from their ancestors, lets try to imagine, what may happen during next decades and in what directions Millenial Generation will perform its activity during next 10-20 and maybe 30 years.

In the first article of the series were mentioned 5 waves of technology, cited from Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden «Long Boom» article-prediction:

  • Computers

  • Telecommunications

  • Biotechnology

  • Nanotechnology and

  • Alternative energy

All those directions are based on the foundation of the world's economy and politics, therefore, first of all, Millenials will have to resolve problems of the today's global economy, coexistence and cooperattion between countries and nations.

What world — uni- or multi-polar we will see in the nearest future?

Some economists, for example Mikhail Khazin, russian expert, believes that we will face multi-polar world economy in the nearest future, already.

In his lectures and speeches he predicts the uprising of the 5-6 economic zones in the future world: North American (USA+), Europian (EU+), Latin American (Brazilia+), Asian(India+ and China+) and EuroAsian (Turkey and Russia+).

Then, each of 5 mentioned above tecnological directions have their inner essence and peculiarities, which may be the subjects for discussion, too:

• Computers have been evolving during last two decades very intensively and we acquired proprietary and free (open source) software, which had a huge impact on our view of economy.

• Telecommunications have reached its peak at the beginning of the 21st Century with fiber optic channels, satellite and cell mobile connections, wi-fi and bluetooth technologies and their enormous influence on the way people communicate with each other now.

•Biotechnology, it seems, are ready to change radically the way of the food production on the planet.

• Nanotechnology may open new ways in the Health Care and industrial production development in the nearest future.

•Alternative energy have to provide inexhaustible and safe and clean sources of energy.