At least 50-60 years of the last and current centuries our mankind has been coming to the very dangerous frontier, on the brink of which we are standing now!

It turns out, that the people on the planet Earth have been divided already according to their vision of the future of this world and its perspectives.

There are those, who would like to change to the better current situation in all directions, making it with the help of cooperation between individuals and organizations, countries and continents and using all those advanced technologies and inventions, which may give the opportunities to resolve unresolved in earlier centuries problems of food-supply, population growth, health improving, energy saving, transportation and building construction, etc.

Unfortunately, there are also those, who would not like to start any changes and would like to preserve the current status quo.

The dividing line between those two groups of world’s population is the OPENNESS and sincere desire to share information, knowledge and skills with other people or organizations, countries, etc.

It's strange to say, but it seems, to the much smaller in size but enormously more powerful second part (those trying to preserve current situation unchanged) may be subsumed governments of the most developed countries, as well as those called developing, not saying about the countries of so called Third World, which are struggling simply for surviving from hunger and natural disasters.

During last decades at least, the first part, consisted of the 99% of world's population, being divided into several parts, too, but considering the most progressive avant-garde of it, has been fighting for the ideas of open society, transparent and clear politics and laws and breaking unnecessary barriers between countries and individuals.

The main ideas and attitudes of those people were formulated maybe in Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden article, published in 1997 yet. The authors predicted 5 waves of technology:

  • Computers
  • Telecommunications
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology and
  • Alternative energy

Some of their predictions had come true, some not, but the main idea of their article was – coming to power the people from so called Millennial Generation during current decade (2010 - 2020).

For those born at 1980 and later, access to the information and sharing of it is the main and fundamental right, obviously.

So, any attempts of governments, organizations or individuals to restrict that right with establishing some barriers or adopting some restrictive laws will lead only to further aggravation between opposing camps.

Sometimes it seems, the Third World War is in progress already and it goes on not between countries, but between those fighting for freedom of information and technologies exchange from one side and governments and those standing behind them from another !

This article begins the series of articles on different subjects (politics, economy, social life, IT, health, ecology, etc) related to OPENNESS and CLOSENESS in the modern society and their influence on the future and perspectives of our world and our planet.