BlogCloud is metaphor for ignorance

Following the article from, with title "Amazon, the Great Big Spy":

  • * Amazon do not have a single reason to invest into customer's information security
  • * It is not interested in protecting basic human rights
  • * It quietly sells customer's data and software to third parties
  • * Amazon corporation trains their "AI" software on customer data

It would be very strange if Amazon has not helped government to populate their database of faces or not helped them to train their "Amazon Rekognition" software on that database. So they use customer data without their consent and do not care about their civil rights.

Just in case you missed it in FFTF: "Rekognition" is capable of identifying up to 100 people in a single photo, and can even continue tracking an individual when their face is no longer visible.

They have handled that system to the U.S. government without ANY restrictions. Two law enforcement agencies have started using "Rekognition" already.

Taking into account the size of Amazon corporation, it becomes a major threat to freedom. I'm not even mentioning possible misuse of their system, that will happen sooner or later.

See article on "The Guardian"

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25 May, 2018