BlogNew Services: Security Audit, Penetration Testing, Antivirus and others

We are currently in merging process of two companies: Xentime and Mercenary Security GmbH. New HQ located in Germany, Berlin. We announce more details after final steps are taken.The company will start to offer a wide range of new services. From SSL Certificates to Antivirus Solutions, as well as security related things, like Penetration Tests and Source Code Audits.Mercenary Security GmbH is an official Partner of GlobalSign and Kaspersky Lab. Therefore the company will be able to offer security solutions, like affordable SSL certificates and antivirus products.GlobalSign is a leading brand and provider of SSL certificates which allow you to secure Forums, Weblogins, your online shop, etc.
We will bind special offers to our offers and allow you to buy
for example certificates at a lower price.Be it a simple SSL certificate, S/MIME certificate to secure your e-Mail communication
or a more advanced solution:We will assist you and ensure you get the best solution.
You can contact our sales representatives if you like to buy specilized
solutions or if you like to buy multiple certificates, which get even more price reductions.
Kaspersky is a leading vendor for antivirus solutions for server and client systems.
Our new partnership will allow us to provide you also products from Kaspersky at lower rates.
Be it a antivirus solution for your personal Desktop computer, a security solution for
your Linux mail gateway or a complete solution for your company: We can assist you,
offer you project pricings or provide you a permanent reduced price to products of this world leading antivirus vendor.Further changes are related to our payment options.
We will offer wire transfers and credit card payments using the Micropayment GmbH.
Micropayment GmbH is a paymentmakler which is used by compnies like Xetra (german stock exchange) and other global opperating companies.We can ensure you a more secure and reliable payment solution and ensure you strict data protection because of strong data protection laws in germany.Other services we will offer in future start at enhanced monitoringand go up to a full service datacenter which assist you in any aspect to keep your servers running, healthly and working.Because of our new parent, company provides world leading security analyses and penetration tests. The Xentime datacenter is perfectly suited for your business or company demands. If you like to ensure your network security with a serious security audit to ensure your customer data, your business secrets or your payment solution is safe, please contact our sales representatives or visit the Website of our parrent company

3 July, 2012