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An interesting study was published on website of Internet Measurement Conference: Inside Dropbox: Understanding Personal Cloud Storage Services.

Authors highlighted an increasing interest for cloud-based storage systems and that such systems will be on the top applications producing Internet traffic soon.

But it turned out nobody investigated how Dropbox actually work.

So they monitored traffic from different places in Europe from March 24 2012 to May 5, 2012. It turned out Dropbox generates 100GB of daily traffic, which was 1/4 of Youtube traffic.

Also I extracted several facts from that article:

  • It store data on Amazon cloud. It uses more than 500 Amazon VPS ( Cloud in the cloud )
  • Authentication packets also go through Amazon servers ! ( You sold us all, Dropbox. )
  • U.S. data-centers are the only ones used worldwide by Dropbox. Regardless of your geo location, your data go to U.S. Considering that more than half of the Dropbox clients are outside the U.S.
  • SSL that Dropbox use can be decrypted with proxy in the middle with self-signed certificate ( I personaly dont care, I store data on encrypted fs )
  • It keeps opened connection for sending notifications on changes, performed on local filesystem. And it is NOT encrypted.

Conclusion: cloud technologies only efficient when providers use geographically dispersed data sources.

Dropbox Inside
Dropbox Inside
2 August, 2013