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A small team of programmers, which I am part of, work on ambitious project of secure and distributed instant messenger called TrueLink.

TrueLink built with NSA Suite B Cryptography set: AES, ECDSA, ECDH, SHA2 ( government level security ) and conforming to recommendations of the SECG.

It is completely decentralized. Its transport layer could be used for guaranteed delivery of any kind of messages and it was decided to create instant messenger on top of it.

The main reason for new instant messenger were complains from all around. A friend, who work journalist in Paris told me that many of his collagues were affraid to use the Internet for communication between each other, as the government spied on them: link.

As you probably know MS acquired a license to listen users conversations in Skype. Though it was never an issue to intercept and even change message from one user to another if you control router between them. Then, all of a sudden, MS decided to route all service traffic through their datacenter.

Even if you have nothing to hide ther's a reason to worry. Remember recent whirlwind of false accusations from MS and scandal, related to exposure of sensitive information.

Alternatives, like ICQ, GTalk and other messengers also very insecure.Google, for example, give out users conversations on first request from authorities, even corrupted ones.

Jabber with assymetric encryption plugin is inconvenient in use.
TOR chat is too primitive and slow, just as other alternatives.

Currently we work very intensively on user interface in order to allow everybody to use TrueLink without any technical knowledge.

TrueLink also will come in handy, for instance, if some government, like Egypt decide to shutdown an internet for a whole country. Users could use alternative mediums for message delivery, like SMS.

TrueLink project was planned as opensource and crossplatform. We would appreciate any help with development.

You can check System Requirements Specification.

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14 June, 2012