File Storage

Xentime resolves many "cloud" issues



We have made our software Opensource. GitHub link.


You cannot reverse-engineer "cloud".

Vendor Lock-in


We use existing best-practices and protocols, such as AWS S3 API in order to allow users to migrate, for example, to OpenStack Swift, in case their use cases change.


You are often locked with provider, when they silently change their system behaviour or terms of contract.



We do not pass your data anywhere.

Also you can use our sofrware to host data in your office, so you know exactly who has access to your data.


Big corporations often dispose your data as they want. For example Amazon's Rekognition, most probably, have been trained on customer data.

Apart from fast object storage, we offer desktop File Synchronization applications. It is similar to Dropbox, but opensource and can be hosted anywhere.

Web interface: