DubStack: The Data Storage

Xentime resolves many "cloud" issues

Increase Speed

DubStack will assist you at installation and support of the storage service on your premises.

"Cloud" offers region-based hosting. Implies hosting of all related services within 20 miles.

Reduce Time to Market

DubStack uses existing best-practices and protocols allowing you to start uploading/serving data ASAP.

Control panel is built specifically for service providers.

Most of "clouds" have entangled interfaces and undefined behaviours, apart from proprietary APIs.

Reduce Costs

DubStack is a fixed-price service. No hidden charges. It has free support on chat line. It is a simple and efficient system.

"Clouds" force you to pay for what you did not use: reserved expensive hardware and "support plans" with huge response times.

Reduce Risk

Software we use is opensource, so you can review it or ask professional you trust.

You can't reverse-engineer "cloud" to see how it works.


We do not pass your data anywhere.

You can host data even in your office, using our software, so you know exactly who has access to your data.

Big "cloud" corporations dispose your data as they want.

Apart from fast object storage, we offer desktop File Synchronization applications. It is similar to Dropbox, but Opensource and can be hosted anywhere.

Web interface: