Abous Us

Xentime is a provider of VPS, dedicated hosting, colocation hosting, ISDN PRI lines and object storage. Also we provide consultations aimed at improving existing systems and buiding new ones from the scratch.

Why "Xentime"

It's quite often to read such vague technical terms as "Private Cloud" or "Datacenter as a Service" these days. Usually such phrases are used by corporations to hide how their systems work and hide their real intentions, goals and expectations for the future.

If we go 30 years back from now, we will see the dynamics and intensity of technological progress that is far behind of the dynamics and intensity of today. But it would be a mistake to think all technological companies are contemporary. They move with different speeds and probably some corporations, in a certain sense, stay behind.

Xentime, in order, was based on principles of ethics. Our goal is to help companies in switching to efficient and ethic open-source solutions.

Prefix "xeno-" means "stranger" in Greek language, therefore the name "Xentime" gives characteristics to times, when "strangers" have opportunities to implement their ideas. In that regard Xentime develops open-source software, -- in order to create more opportunities for beginners and to provide production-ready alternatives to proprietary solutions.


The company was founded in 2006 by a couple of friends, interested in building system which is as open as possible, which is simple but efficient.

Since then Xentime has grown significantly and became well known within communities of security enthusiasts and free software developers.