Xentime has moved from its own infrastructure to Tier 3 datacenter in Kyiv.

All our servers now hosted in refurbished former soviet underground bunker guaranteeing our customers safety even from most unlikely to happen events. Servers are monitored 24/7/365 by technicians to ensure good uptime and reliability.

Ther'a two levels of redundancy in power supply system. First is modular system, based on UPS APC Galaxy 5000, that provides uninterruptable power. That UPS always has one redundant power block reserved. The second level is diesel power station Cummins Power, which turns on its own on power cut. The time, necessary to turn on do not exceed 2 minutes. During that time UPS APC Galaxy 5000 handless all load.

Ther's cooling system with rated output 500 kilowatt, which is more than enough for keeping datacenter cool. The inner part of the cooling system can reallocate cooling power in different parts of the datacenter to exclude some parts of system for maintenance work without any loss of efficiency.

Maximum Temperature: 19 °C

UPS: APC Galaxy 5000

Security: 24x7 physical security, video monitoring