Last Modified: 3 December



Xentime provide a variety of information, Internet, network-, and technology-related services (“Services”). Xentime has formulated this Terms Of Service (“TOS”) in order to ensure the appropriate use of the Services and the Xentime network, systems, and facilities (“Infrastructure”) by our customers, our customers’ customers, members or end-users, and any other parties who use or access the Services or the Infrastructure (collectively, “Users”). All Users must comply with this TOS. Xentime reserves the right to change this TOS from time to time and will notify Users by posting a revised copy of the TOS on the Xentime Web site. By using or accessing the Xentime Services or Infrastructure, Users agree to be bound by the terms of this TOS. Any indirect or attempted violation of this policy by or on behalf of a User, and any actual or attempted violation by a third party on behalf of a User, shall be considered a violation of the policy by the User and the User shall be held directly accountable therefore.



B. Acceptable Use

Users shall not use the Xentime Services or Infrastructure to transmit, distribute, or store material: (a) in violation of any applicable law, regulation, or judicial order; (b) that violates the terms of this TOS, the terms of any applicable agreement with Xentime; (c) that interferes with or adversely affects the Services or Infrastructure or use of the Services or Infrastructure by other Xentime customers; or (d) that may expose Xentime to criminal or civil liability. Users shall cooperate with Xentime in investigating and correcting any apparent breach of this TOS. Users shall be solely responsible for any material that they maintain, transmit, download, view, post, distribute, or otherwise access or make available using the Services or Infrastructure.

In particular, but without limiting the more general prohibitions in this TOS, Users shall not use the Services or Infrastructure, or assist anyone else to:

C. Xentime Rights and Remedies


Xentime has no responsibility for any material or information created, stored, maintained, transmitted, or accessible on or through the Services or Infrastructure and is not obligated to monitor or exercise any editorial control over such material. In the event that Xentime becomes aware that any such material may violate this TOS and/or expose Xentime to civil or criminal liability, Xentime reserves the right to investigate such material, block access to such material, and suspend or terminate any Services without liability. Xentime further reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and third parties in investigating any alleged violations of this TOS, including disclosing the identity of any User that Xentime believes is responsible for such violation. Xentime also reserves the right to implement technical mechanisms to prevent TOS violations. Nothing in this TOS shall limit in any way Xentime rights and remedies at law or in equity that may otherwise be available.

D. Additional Provisions for Internet Data Center


Users. In addition to the above provisions, the following additional provisions shall apply to those customers and its authorized representatives that have access to Xentime Internet Data Centers (“IDC”) as a part of Services. The below provisions are in addition to, and to the extent not in conflict with, the rules of the individual IDC or Xentime security or related policies.

E. Scheduled Maintenance

For information on scheduled maintenance, please view the maintenance schedule posted on Xentime Web site,