Ukraine has the biggest power plants in Europe: Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, Khmelnizka NPP, Rivne NPP, South Ukraine NPP etc.
That is the main reason electricity cost remains relatively low, so cryptocurrency mining is more profitable.


Hardware is hosted in locked underground protected facility, built in times of Soviet Union as a shelter. It has 24x7 security and video monitoring.
So we can guarantee physical safety of your hardware, as only staff members are allowed to enter server room, without exceptions.


24/7 support is available, as usual. Remote hands cost 100 UAH per hour.


Xentime offers open-air GPU mining hardware hosting for only ~69 USD per 4U per month.
Electiricty costs are available by the following link .

For example, if you have one 4U farm, that consumes 1.5 kW, the best price we can offer is 394 USD. That price consists of 325 USD eletricity cost and 69 USD colocation. No hidden costs.


We offer discounts for mining hardware from local suppliers. Prices change every day and available on request.

Please contact us.