11 August Planned maintenance work of network equipment: night of 13th-14th Aug. 2015, between 03:00 to 05:00 AM GMT+2. 10 minutes maximum.
27 August 31 Aug. - 1 Sep. 2015, in period from 00:00 - 02:00 ( GMT+2 ). Possible disconnections up to 10 minutes in total. Reason: network upgrade.
20 November VPS service disruption last night. Reason: we were getting rid of OpenStack Neutron, that caused many issues.
25 November Maintenance on UA-IX router on Tuesday between 6-7 AM GMT+2.
30 November Uplink had an issue with connectivity. We have switched to alternate uplink.
12 December 10.12.2015 10:30 GMT+2 we will upgrade our link to 40 Gbits.
11 January 12.01.2016 UA-IX router will be rebooted. Possible downtime for UA-IX segment is up to 5 minutes.
20 January 21.01.2016 7:00 AM GMT+2 UA-IX will reboot its switches.
6 April One baseline network routers will be updated in the night from Thursday to Friday, 12.04.2018, between 5 to 6 AM ( UTC+3 ).
17 April Considering that russian ISPs had to start to block big blocks of IP addresses, some networks might become unavailable.
17 April Please report any unavailable services or any other connectivity issues. We will try to re-route traffic to resolve those issues.
18 January On Monday, 18/01/2019 we will have to reboot our switch. VPS users might be disconnected for about 1 minute, between 8 and 8:30 AM GMT+2.
12 November Due to the equipment upgrade work (central hardware hub replacement), several short service interruptions have happened last night.