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Many hosters offer "Free cPanel" for their customers. CPanel is a web interface for administrating server. But such "gift" could bring you a lot of issues if you host anyhing important. The reason: it is full of vulnerabilities.

Even if you do not host anything valuable, maybe you have server for software development or storing backups, cPanel still has something unusual to offer you. It generates incorrect configuration files with outdated settings, sometimes even with typos, which makes it impossible to restart services.

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Well, you are an experienced CentOS linux user (the only OS it can work on) and you easily fix configuration files. Everything works as you wanted. Well almost. If you do not take into account a the fact that it tries to advertise itself through 404 and 500 pages!

If you question yourself why a lot of people still use it, the answer is that you cannot remove it from CentOS if you do not want to waste two weeks resolving dependancies conflicts manually and turning your linux to half-self-built distributive.

But the main reason why it still exists is that users want to economize money on server administration. Indeed, instead of hiring specialist, you can have relatively easy to use web-interface. But try to imagine your actions WHEN your data will be stolen.

It could be even worse. Imagine that somebody took over your server and you do not even know about that fact. With flow of time you receive complains about spam activity or even notification about service termination, because illegal content was hosted on your server.

In conclusion, you better hire specialist to configure server. In result it will be cheaper.

Short summary of issues cPanel has:

  • It has its own versions of software: patches applied manually
  • It yse old software: configuration stanzas can be outdated
  • Vulnerabilities

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28 April, 2013