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Angry Pikachu

Let's assume that I'm a bad and nasty person, sitting in dark bunker and prepare a big nasty thing.

I have distributed my game over the world. A lot of people carry it in their pockets.

Previously I have just watched over the world using their computers. But I would like to go out on streets. There were no computers before. I want to learn the situation in given point or region on map. Not just using satellite once a year, but every day, every hour.

I activate my pokemons and I give them tasks in certain region. Thouthands of people go out on streets and start searching what I have scattered on the map.
They monitor everything I need. And where I need.

I collect visual, audio, navigational information, on movements with exact time. Who and when, where exactly has catched one or another pokemon. In reality I can rummage through any part of region. I use reaction of users to learn locations of ‘closed’ zones, bad coverage or something else.

In reality I manage movements of people by forcing them to move their smartphones and processing powers where I want.

Previously I knew about their movements, but now I can even manage them.

I have a complete information about owners of smartphones.

I have the database of CEOs and extra-interesting for me persons, which I can trace using my game.
If CEO is smarter than average, then he has wife or kids who also hunt pokemons.

Using capabilities of smartphones I can draw maps in real time. And scan space.

Let’s play one game.

I’m a puppeteer in office of one Company. I’ve distributed one game and I have 2 players:
James from Dublin
Fart57 from Cork

They play on regular basis and I watch how they catch pokemons in certrain places on my screen. I have a map. There are marks.
I know route of their movements from home to office, to village house, to everywhere.

Knowing their route – I can deflect it or force them to search for pokemons on any part of their route, forcing them to move camera in any direction I need.
For example military base on Military Road, D2.

Sending tens of Pokemon catchers to that direction – I have regular real reflection and informational print of any object or subject I need.

Cool, ha ?

Second situation.

I need to track down VIP. Previously I used directed surveillance. Now I need to have only one blockhead who catches pokemons.

Third situation

I need to set up directed surveillance for group of people, VIP or business.
I activate pokemon catchers in close proximity from persons or locations I need. Then I watch them using “eyes” and “ears” of pokemon catchers.

It is easy for me to learn if there’s a car in place I need or if someone has entered some door.

There are many use cases like this.

Now the most important.

There’s nothing bad in augmented reality technology. It is a cool invention, but any cool technology will be used not only by designed purpose.

It is difficult to spot. Maybe only by indirect signs, like hard selling or aggressive promotion of product, which would not become so popular in natural environment. As only very big software companies and intelligence agencies can afford such aggressive marketing on entire planet. “Niantic Labs” or “Nintendo” are definitely not that big.

Furthermore, if I have possibility to watch over planet using satellites, personal computers, mobile devices and if I can direct them in places I want, -- I really control the world.

Those who have access to databases of Google, Pokemon, Facebook, Watsapp, Instagram, -- really see and hear ALL the world.

Man of the street would not care. He even enjoys catching pokemons, etc.
But it would be better for big companies to think of that issue.

Main functions of such dual-purpose system are not activated yet. With flow of time it will be possible to exchange encrypted info and hack computer systems using such games.

You catch pokemons in office of big company ?
Congratulations : )

Dark master can activate camera and microphone in your smartphone, read any information he needs from your office.
If there’s no information, he will force you to go several metres to the door he needs and catch pokemon..

By the way John Hanke, head of Niantic Labs "worked in foreign affairs for the US Government":

What a shame they have used Pokemons, that have nothing to do to their goals.

Source: article in russian language.

Proof: It works !

15 July, 2016