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A lot of websites add Like buttons from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. What you should know before adding those buttons is that every time somebody visits your website, data sent to those social networks with information on what page user read. Since most of users do not logout from their social network account, it is possible to track user from one website to another.

From my point of view Facebook and co are not allowed to create complete user profile without notifying users.

That is why we use jquery.socialshareprivacy plugin, developed by german magazine Heise.

Its concept is simple. By default you display disabled buttons of social networks. Only when user activates them and thus gives its agreement to communicate with Facebook, Google or Twitter, those buttons appear and perform connections. Then user can use Like button with second click. If user already logged in to social network, Like button will work as usual, without displaying another window.

Clicking one of these buttons means that the user agrees to submit data to the operator of social network. But. Only for certain page and for the selected service. When user visits other pages, disabled buttons will be shown by default. So you can use social networks without having to create your hidden browsing history for social networks.

Angry Zuckerberg
Angry Zuckerberg
25 May, 2015