Monitoring: € 10 / mo

Our Datacenter will monitor your Services and inform you if an issue appears so you can react fastly to any problem.

Enhanced Monitoring: € 100 setup, € 200 / mo

Our staff monitor not just your network services, but the hardware status as well. If any issue arises, staff receives notifications and perform necessary actions without bothering you. You receive an e-Mail once issue solved: for example replacement of broken HDD in a RAID configuration.

Hands On Support: € 20 / hour

Technician from our datacenter will assist you or resolve issues ( supported operating systems only ) on your server if they occur.

Backup Space: € 15 / GB

Performing regular backups is very important. Here you have an access to very reliable and secure backup system. Fast access to backups, which are stored in our datacenter, will save your time and money.

You can buy broken HDD: € 60

HDD can break and we understand you might request it in order to try to restore data or simply secure sensitive information it might contain. We can send you broken HDD by mail to ensure that your data remain where it belongs: in hands of your company.

Data Migration: € 100

Sometimes it is difficult to predict necessary storage space. In case you need to move to bigger storage, we will have to to re-setup your RAID. It works the following way: backup all data, setup of new raid system, copy data from backup.

Shipping Backups: depends on backup size

We can ship your backups to you at any location with your preffered shipping service using dedicated HDDs.

Rack Space/Server Housing: contact sales

You need whole subnet ? We provide you a subnet matching your needs.

Discounts: contact sales

If you require any special SLAs or other options please contact sales. We can also provide you discount on related services, when you rent multiple servers from us. For example monitoring.