Software We Use

30 July, 2015

Openstack is Open Source Software, that introduces another level of abstraction to virtualization technologies and makes it easier to automate VPS-related tasks.

We have carefully tested OpenStack during last 18 months and reached conclusion, that some of its parts are stable enough to use them in our infrastructure.

Among testing, we've done network performance measurement, submitted bugs to OpenStack community, performed stress testing, wrapped it up, etc.

To make it clear: Xentime do not offer any "cloud", in meaning of obscure technologies, hosted somewhere. We store your VPS data on mirror RAID, on high quality server hardware, hosted in Tier 3 datacenter underground, where nobody has access except our staff. We do not share your data with anybody.

Xentime offers Qemu-KVM ( Kernel Virtual Machine ) servers with OpenStack API.

See Dangers Of The Clouds blog article.

Such approach allows to avoid vendor lock-in. OpenStack is opensource, so you can take your data with you, if you decide to leave, and deploy your server somewhere else. We will provide you all your data, including OpenStack database, on request.